Start the School Year Off Right:

8 Ways to Build a Parent-Teacher Relationship

Summertime is finally here, but you-know-what is right around the corner. Forget Bruno—in my house we don’t talk about “back to school,” no no no. We hold on to every last delicious slice of summer. But eventually, my children end up stalking our mailbox hoping to find letters from their new teachers. Before we know it, we are in that aisle, crisp school supply list in hand. Anticipation fills the air. Parents wonder: “Will my child be helped or challenged enough? Will they have friends?” Teachers wonder: “Will the kids come in ready to learn? Will the parents be supportive?” As a former teacher and now a parent, I know what it feels like to be on both sides of the relationship and how important it is for our children that the adults in their lives work as a team. So, where do you start? […] [Summer 2022 Issue]

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