This is my writing buddy, Oliver. As soon as he spots me with a hot cup of tea in one hand and my notebook in the other, he runs to the stairs. He leads the way, checking to make sure I’m following, and dives under my desk. I sit and write and he sits on my feet. On a cold January morning, he’s better than a cozy pair of slippers! He likes it when I read what I’m working on out loud to him but will interrupt me to let me know every time he hears a mail truck, a delivery truck or anyone who dares to to walk down our street. He cries with joy when his girls come home from school and runs around bringing them shoes to prove his love. He is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. He loves people, snow, belly rubs, dog sweaters and being held like a baby.

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Sarah grew up surrounded by books and loved her notebooks and pens. She loved writing plays and performing them with her siblings. Her long stories won her the future author award in elementary school. As a fourth grade teacher, Sarah earned a Masters degree in writing curriculum, but decided that writing children’s books was much more fun! When she isn’t writing or reading, you can find her dancing to old records, playing board games or watching movies with her husband and three kids. She has a mini-goldendoodle named Oliver who likes to sleep on her feet while she writes. Sarah lives with her family in Victor, NY.